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JingHua, Zhejiang, CN


"Expected Home" is an Old House Renovation Project that applies architectural thinking into spatial design to renovate the old house with rhythmic light and shade stirring up the tranquility of your peace of mind ,telling a story about "home and radiance."
Home is not only a set of buildings. It is not a container for trivial things in everyday life but a place for merging emotions and love. It is like a medium with warmth, witnessing the interactivities between life and growth, recording the spatial stories, conveying the unique personalities and attitudes of its resident.


The house owner, a sixty-year-old gentleman, still stays young and positive towards life. He has an abundance of food and clothing. His families are safe and sound. Every corner of his life is bright, so he tells the young designer that his home should have "light."   
Natural light is the perfect expression of spatial art and the best comfort for one's emotional perceptions. The " Expected Home" is equipped with a daylighting patio, enabling the sunlight to enter the central part of the building with the Natural light filling the entire house. The radiance angle of sunlight changes with seasons and different latitudes and longitude, and the luminous beam flows naturally within the space, forming the time-lapse image.        


A layer of perforated aluminum panels has been added under the glass ceiling, which gives another sense of ritual to the entry process for the luminous beam. The gorgeous light and shade turn into a silent language, allowing the light to have different spatial dialogues.  It is natural that people will get a surprise and a sense of satisfaction. Being able to walk through here is also very interesting. "The language for this space is relatively simple, with one sentence expressing its connotation. Occasionally there will be some surprises, which is on the whole a perception that is readable, peaceful, interesting, being able to talk to your heart and fit in with your peace of mind." —Xu Liang (Expected Home: Chief Designer).


Whether in the kitchen, or in the dining room, or in the other public areas, the residents can be accompanied by the sunlight from the first ray of sunlight in the morning. With the passage of time, the radiance of sunlight changes from its original implicit state and turns to be brighter and spacious. The open kitchen and dining room allow the families to enjoy more communication spiritually and verbally.


The radiance at night is characterized by its functionality and artistry. Firstly, it is convenient. Secondly, it is in line with the house owner's living habits. Thirdly, it fully plays the generation of correlation between people, space, and illumination respectively. The concept of light has been narrowed down to radiance only, which changes and flows in the house's interior, stays or has multiple spatial dialogues, and soothes people's emotional perceptions. People's psychological feelings, visual perceptions, and the emotions they want to express can be constructed and extended in the space.


If we say Daniel Libeskind's architecture is an adventure of life, then the "Expected Home" is a moored harbor for all the adventurers.