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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN

Age House

The project is located in Qingzhiwu of West Lake. Its overall lighting design has created an immersive experience.

In architectural structure, the exterior of “AGE HOUSE” is composed of blue bricks and black tiles as well as a small courtyard with trees, which is fresh and elegant. When the night is approaching, the quiet courtyard and the low-profile and soft lighting demonstrate the texture of the green brick surface. Meanwhile using light to depict the plants enables the trees surrounding the house to appear to be shining with light at night.


AGE HOUSE外部拥有青砖黛瓦的建筑结构,带有树木的小院清新雅致。当夜晚来临,庭院是幽静的,灯光是低调柔和的,展示了青砖表面的纹理和质感,同时用光来描绘植物,使房屋周围的树木仿佛在夜晚散发着光芒。

The space on the first floor is centered around the core bar area. The metal and iron wine cabinet display rack are cleverly connected with the ceiling modeling, supporting decorative lighting and filling the space with a dramatic atmosphere. The modeling of the entire wine cabinet and ceiling is outlined by adopting a backlit belt from the facade making it detached from the wall and adding a touch of floating and lightness to the entire modeling. In the meanwhile, illumination is realized by adopting LED dot matrix lighting right under each bottle, showing the transparency and colors of carboys. The skillful merge of soft and modest lighting and ferrous metal may be the new interpretation of black bricks and black tiles of another version of people leaving the broken bridge.


The unification of the light bars and structural light slots has created a lighting effect of the coexistence of decoration and practicability. For Example, when the close-up irradiation is used on the wine mixing console, only light is left on the table. The practice of irradiating the desktop has eliminated the dazzling impact, making space to be equipped with a sense of atmosphere. 


Illumination is carefully integrated into the building and the device’s sculptural structure, with hidden lights and metal, finishes connecting each space, incorporating light into the details of the project, making light inseparable from the architectural aesthetics.