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shenzhen,  CN


The brand name AROMMIGO is derived from the hybrid neologism AROMA and Amigo. It is not only a healthy and comfortable food-bearing culture but also a comfortable and comfortable attitude towards life. Just like the feeling of the sunshine in the morning, it is soft and comfortable, full of hope.


In this project we take the "Morning light" as the inspiration: Nature has given the light its patterns, with its own glory and the beauty of natural harmony, we can not catch the first light of the morning, but we can integrate it into the creation, we use "Shadow" to express the pattern of light and bring nature into the room.


The space is occupied by the plant that grows wantonly, but we leave a blank space for the space for us to convey that purity and limpidity at the bottom of everyone's heart. The inside gives up the complicated on the simple, uses the white space technique to express the line and the color outside Nihility, this often can leave the human infinite imagination and the aftertaste.
A space with light, shadow, and greenery is destined to be deft. Light is shadow and its transparency, translucence, and opacity, its reflection and refraction, will be interwoven to define and redefine the space.

空间被肆意生长的植物占据,而我们为空间留下一片空白,传达每个人心底那份纯净与清澈。内部弃繁就简,用留白的手法表达线条与颜色以外的虚无,这 往往更能留给人无限的想象和回味。

The dining room is excised round Pearl Element perforates, the space is invisible concatenates together the light follows the shadow, the shadow following the light.

餐厅被剔透圆润的珍珠元素贯穿,将空间无形的串联在一起光随影动,影随光行 。