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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN

Age House

The project is located in Qingzhiwu of West Lake. Its overall lighting design has created an immersive experience.
In architectural structure, the exterior of “AGE HOUSE” is composed of blue bricks and black tiles as well as a small courtyard with trees, which is fresh and elegant. When the night is approaching, the quiet courtyard and the low-profile and soft lighting demonstrate the texture of the green brick surface. Meanwhile using light to depict the plants enables the trees surrounding the house to appear to be shining with light at night.

AGE HOUSE外部拥有青砖黛瓦的建筑结构,带有树木的小院清新雅致。当夜晚来临,庭院是幽静的,灯光是低调柔和的,展示了青砖表面的纹理和质感,同时用光来描绘植物,使房屋周围的树木仿佛在夜晚散发着光芒。

Stepping through the circular gate built of green bricks, one enters the YUP era of Qingzhiwu. With the introduction of dramatic lighting elements, the spatial experience is enriched, while the use of materials such as mirrored stainless steel and terrazzo enriches the three-dimensional and layered feel of the bar, while also enhancing the sensory stimulation experience of the space, providing the perfect immersive experience for customers.


The space on the first floor is centered around the core bar area. The metal and iron wine cabinet display rack are cleverly connected with the ceiling modeling, supporting decorative lighting and filling the space with a dramatic atmosphere. The modeling of the entire wine cabinet and ceiling is outlined by adopting a backlit belt from the facade making it detached from the wall and adding a touch of floating and lightness to the entire modeling. In the meanwhile, illumination is realized by adopting LED dot matrix lighting right under each bottle, showing the transparency and colors of carboys. The skillful merge of soft and modest lighting and ferrous metal may be the new interpretation of black bricks and black tiles of another version of people leaving the broken bridge.


The unification of the linear led light and structural light slots has created a lighting effect of the coexistence of decoration and practicability. For Example, when the close-up irradiation is used on the bar counter, only light is left on the table. The practice of irradiating the desktop has eliminated the dazzling impact, making space to be equipped with a sense of atmosphere.


The British architect Richard Rogers said, "Architecture is a vessel that captures light, just like how a musical instrument captures music, light needs a building that can be displayed." And there is "light" in the structure of Age House to flow between the gap, which makes "light" become a lighting art decoration to create art. Lighting is meticulously integrated into the architectural and installation formative structure, with hidden light sources in the details and metal finishes link each space, integrating light into the project details, making light inseparable from the architectural aesthetics.

而Age House的结构中有“光”可以流动的间隙, 这让“光”成为灯光艺术装饰进行艺术美感的创造。照明被精心整合到建筑和装置造型结构中,细节中隐藏的灯具以及金属饰面串联起每个空间,将光融入项目细节中,使光与建筑美学密不可分。

Of course the existence of light is not only decorative and artistic, but also to meet functional requirements.
Using the example of the staircase in the project, the usual staircase lighting uses skirting lights to illuminate the tread and to indicate the light, but we recreate the shape of the lamps in functional lighting. The emphasis is on the artistic expression of functionality to further enhance the role of 'light'.

当然“光”的存在不仅仅是装饰作用和艺术加成,同时也是为了能够满足功能性的需求。用项目中的“ 楼梯 ”举例,通常的楼梯照明使用踢脚灯来达到踏步的照明和灯光指示的作用,而我们在功能照明上对灯具造型进行再创造,重点强调将功能性进行艺术的表达,进一步提升“光”的作用。
If you go to AGE HOUSE, when you take a sip of the wine, the wine will create a dream, a dream that may contain the legacy of the water village and memories of your childhood...

如果你去到AGE HOUSE,当你轻啄一口美酒,美酒造梦,梦里或有水乡遗韵、儿时记忆......