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Hangzhou, Zhejiang, CN


Audrey is a collection store named Audrey Hepburn in Hangzhou with a total area of 300 ㎡. The Store is roughly divided into three functional areas, the first floor for the product display area, the second floor for the VIP display area, and the office area. The project combines the brand that Audrey’s manager introduced with the demands of the store, understanding the attitude that the space is trying to convey, abandoning the so-called fashion design form, and creating a space that is timeless and classic, where the past and the future can address to each other, let Audrey reach out to the public more confidently and resolutely.

AUDREY是一家以Audrey Hepburn命名的集合买手店,位于杭州,总面积300㎡。店内大体分为三个功能区域,一层为产品展示区,二层为VIP产品展示区和办公区。


The design of the first-floor window display is inspired by the desert. In the past, traders in the desert were sheltered by these huge rocky mountains, forming regular trade routes that laid the foundation for the export trade on which China’s silk became known throughout the world. The addition of luminous stone (Gem), cactus, and other elements to the desert base have broken away from people’s conventional stereotyped impression that the desert is desolate and deadly silent and unearthed the energy and vitality the desert contains.



As soon as you step into Audrey’s house, you’ll be drawn to a giant pink diamond. “Diamond” symbolizes eternity, standing for the good virtue of fortitude and purity while the pink color symbolizes Femininity, standing for grace and nobility, which is Audrey’s attitude and what she wants to say to every customer who walks into Audrey’s. “Pink Diamond” is composed of DMX512RGBW point light source and acrylic. DMX control form realizes the flexible change of lighting atmosphere and acrylic has good light transmittance which can reach up to be more than 92%. The combination of the two finally changed into the “Pink streamer diamond.”.



The designer extracted the concept of “Retro-futurism” developed by Lloyd Dunn in 1983 and combined the retro and futuristic elements to create an entirely new space by overlapping tension between past, present, and future, and the space just comes out.

设计师提取了1983年劳埃德•顿(Lloyd Dunn)提出的“复古未来主义(Retro-futurism)”的概念,把具有复古和未来感的元素结合,用过去、现在与未来之间的张力重叠出全新的空间,这个空间就自然而然呈现了。

The open display mode of symmetrical enclosure is adopted for the exhibition space with the smooth lines of tension resembling the cabin of a spaceship, forming a space that considers both aesthetics and practicality. Space is defined as the combination of modeling elements into a beautiful body in accordance with certain principles of composition based on vision underlying the mechanic's rules. space is three-dimensional and the combination of various elements. Then the expression of space has to focus on its stereoscopic and hierarchy. Light is a better way to express the hierarchy. In this space, indirect light is used to highlight the clothing display area, followed by the changing room, and the primary and secondary expression can be realized just by changing the brightness, but it can really play a role in guiding the shopping.


The value of the existence of an object itself is diverse. The relation between the space and the other interface can be blurred through the material of a certain matter or the construction of a certain object. Thus, there will be greater changes in the value of space. Soft fabrics, vintage wood, and warm lighting relieve the cold and hard feeling brought by concrete and metal. A conversation will be generated between space and brand to build up an attitude, give a voice to the market and pursue one kind of eternal beauty.


The second floor is the VIP exhibition area. When you step into such space, the first thing you see is a row of planet-shaped display shelves, whose unique shape and location fail to make people ignore its existence.


When sitting in the lounge area with the curved sofa modeling matching the retro table lamp, we seem to be back to modern times. The use of color, structure, and light to connect the past, the present, and the future, so that those present in the space can obtain more levels of the experience of the Times. The simplicity of architecture, clarity of structure, and the purity of materials have become the new aesthetic media for space.   


The lighting design of the display racks adopts the design concept of de-cluttering, on the elegant and free curves, the plain concrete material removes all decoration, hides all lamps, leaving only warm light to hang the garments in, leaving only clean and tidy, conveying a comfortable, artistic and free atmosphere of space.


Indirect illumination is widely adopted in the display rack. In accordance with different materials and installation positions, we carefully select the suitable linear light source size, light form, and power, and irradiate the clothing from indifferent angles. Irradiate the clothing from different angles, show the clothing to the guests in all directions, the overall effect is brief and simple.


Audrey’s office space is designed to be comfortable and free, with a sitting area next to the windows, simple furnishings, and a soft texture of art paint that is demure in the sun. A combination of light film and structure over the long desk creates a skylight that seems to soak into the sun, ensuring both the uniformity of the ceiling and the uniformity of light needed for the office.