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The project G-LOOP is the new headquarters of KUNO JIJI, located on the top floor of Guangzhou Infinity Plaza. A five-year work by Zaha Hadid Architects. Infinity Plaza Guangzhou is inspired by the infinity symbol '∞' and is full of creative interest and connectivity.


KUNO JIJI: The original designer handbag brand KUNO JIJI (WARMSTUDIO) was founded in Hangzhou in 2013 by both Jun and Jiji. 'Guliang' has the smiliar prounciation to the Chinese for girl and girl also represent the beauty; the studio moved to Guangzhou in 2017.  I.jiji was founded in 2020. 2022 is also the  the 10th anniversary of the founding of KUNO JIJI.
Listening to the experience of time, searching for the sparkle in antiques and meditating on bags that will last, is a nostalgia for the passing of beauty and a unique observation of the world conveyed by Kuno's original designs. Between pearl earrings and complete suits, nostalgia and girly, simplicity and sharpness, Kuno is always searching for the essence of life.



In a rapidly developing society, office space is no longer solely focused on corporate development, but is gradually becoming employee-centred. Starting from the brand concept of Gurakitoshi, say architects proposed the space design concept of "exploring the boundaries of the urban office" and divided the site into three elliptical zones inspired by the "city square". WORK, BASIC WORK and FRRE WORK. 

在高速发展的社会下,办公空间不再是单单注重企业的发展,而是逐步转变为以员工为核心。从古良吉吉的品牌理念入手,say architects提出“探寻城市办公边界”的空间设计概念,并以“城市广场”为灵感将场地划分为三个椭圆环带,从外而内部分别是NO WORK(无办公), BASIC WORK(基础办公), FREE WORK(自由办公)三块区域。

BASIC WORK: The daily office format is maintained.
NO WORK: The building's outer corridor, created by the building's active shading, is covered by two running tracks for the recreational exercise function of the employees during non-working hours.
FRRE WORK: A clockwise circular flow at the centre of the site, carrying different auxiliary spaces in line with the needs of the different departments, which contains multifunctional spaces for receptions, short meetings, discussions, curatorial and dining, and is the heart of the whole space.

BASIC WORK:维持了日常办公形式。
NO WORK: 由建筑主动式遮阳所创造的建筑外廊,被两条跑道所覆盖,用于员工非工作时间的休闲锻炼职能。
FREE WORK: 一条位于场地中心的顺时针环形流线,配合不同的部门需求,携带了不同的辅助空间,其中包含了接待、短会、讨论、策展、用餐等多功能空间,是整个空间的核心区域。

In line with the design concept of the space, the lighting design takes into  the needs of the staff in three areas: 'natural light', 'human-centred lighting' and 'sustainable lighting' to create a lighting environment that is functional, comfortable and artistic.
As Wework's advertising slogan: "Make A Life, Not A Living". Everyone is living, not making a living.

正如Wework的广告语:“Make A Life, Not A Living”,每个人都是在生活,而不是在谋生。


"The Biophilic theory was developed by the renowned evolutionary biologist and thinker E.O. Wilson, who argued that humans have an innate, biological love of the natural world, and later extended this idea by Wilson and Yale professor Stephen Kellert.
Today 'Biophilic' is a forward-looking new trend based on the belief that one cannot live without nature and that without contact with nature one loses the energy to live. 

“Biophilic”理论由著名的进化生物学家和思想家E.O.Wilson提出,他认为:人类对自然世界有一种天生的、生物性的喜爱,后来Wilson和耶鲁大学教授Stephen Kellert将这个理念进行了延伸。

Natural light, a primary element of biophilic design, plays a vital role in the mood and well-being of people. In G-LOOP we increase the connection between staff and the natural environment by using natural light, artificial natural light combined with space. 

自然光线作为Biophilic Design的首要元素,对人的情绪和健康起到至关重要的作用,在G-LOOP中我们通过使用自然光、人造自然光结合空间来增加员工与自然环境的联系。

On a clear day, a large amount of natural light can be achieved through floor-to-ceiling circular glazing; in the event of continuous rain and insufficient sunlight, the artificial natural light surrounding the windows will simulate sunlight to provide supplementary lighting to the office area to meet the illumination requirements for work, which is in line with human visual light requirements. 


The luminaire imitates skylight form and placed on the side against the glass façade, which makes it appear that the light is coming from outside the window, even when looking up to see the luminaire, there is a sense of what appears to be a skylight. This deceptive sensory experience that satisfies both visual and psychological needs and helps to improve concentration, reduce stress, etc., leading to increased productivity and creativity. 

灯具采用仿天光的造型,安置在靠玻璃幕墙一侧,这使得光线看起来是来自于窗外的,即使抬头看到灯具,也会有一种似乎是天窗的感觉。这种欺骗性的感官体验, 满足视觉需求和心理需求,有助于提高注意力、减轻压力等,从而达到提升生产力和创造力的作用。


Human Centric Lighting (HCL), "supports human health, well-being and performance" by combining the visual, biological and emotional benefits of light. It places the human being at the centre of needs and regulates light to achieve better physiological rhythms, emotional states, productivity, visual acuity, and sustainability.

人本照明 (Human Centric Lighting, 简称HCL), 是通过结合光的视觉(Visual),生理(Biological)和情感(Emotional)益处来“支持人类的健康,福祉和表现”。它将人置于需求的中心,通过光的调节,实现更理想的生理节律、情绪状态、生产效率、视觉敏度,以及可持续。

Analysis of the characteristics of light reveals that light is closely linked to circadian rhythms. A person's waking/sleeping cycle is synchronised with the natural light/dark cycle on earth and therefore there are clear circadian rhythmic fluctuations in human physiological functions, learning and memory capacity, mood, productivity etc. Light, one of the main drivers of the body's circadian system, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial lighting, triggers a cascade of physiological rhythmic responses.


According to the geographical location of the project and the working needs of the staff, we use 2700K-6500K variable colour temperature lamps with intelligent control system in the project to create a lighting environment in line with human rhythm, which can meet the needs of daytime activities to concentrate the spirit, but also to protect the physiological and psychological health of the staff.


BASIC WORK area: from 9:00 to 16:00 the colour temperature is 4000K and the horizontal illumination (including natural and artificial light) exceeds 500lx. The objective is to regulate the human biological clock in order to suppress the production of melatonin and improve work efficiency.
FRRE WORK area: from 9:00 to 16:00 the colour temperature is 3500K and the horizontal illuminance (including natural and artificial light) exceeds 500lx. The objective is to make the employees more relaxed when they come to this area for a short break. 

BASIC WORK区域:在9:00-16:00采用4000K的色温,水平照度(包括自然光及人工光)超过500lx,目标是调节人体生物钟,激发血清素的产生,提高工作效率。
FRRE WORK区域:在9:00-16:00采用3500K的色温,水平照度(包括自然光及人工光)超过500lx,目标是可在员工来到这个区域时达到短暂休息时能更放松。




Biological photoreceptors are located mainly in the lower half of the retina, and for non-visual perception, incident light from roughly -15° to +45° in the horizontal direction is most effective.

生物学上的感光细胞主要位于视网膜的下半部,对于非视觉感知,从水平方向上大概-15° 至 +45°的入射光是最有效的。
Taking the ART WAY space as an example, the wall lights are installed above the visual level of most people. This ceiling wash provides the necessary illumination for the use of the space through the diffuse reflection of the ceiling and walls, while echoing the theme of the space and mimicking the street lights in the square.

以项目的ART WAY空间举例,壁灯安装位置高于大部分人的视觉水平线,这种洗顶的照明手法通过天花和墙壁的漫反射为空间提供使用所需的照度,同时呼应空间主题,模拟广场上的路灯。
Considering that ART WAY also has an exhibition and show walk function, we used a built-in magnetic track system to provide the space with flexible and functional lighting to highlight the exhibits.

考虑到ART WAY的还具备展陈和走秀功能,因此我们使用嵌装磁吸轨道系统为这个空间设置了可灵活变动的功能性照明,对展品进行重点照明。


The project has good natural light, which reduces the need for artificial lighting to a certain extent, so we have streamlined the number of luminaires to achieve energy savings.


The lighting design for the reception area at the entrance streamlines the ceiling luminaire into one, providing accent lighting for the tabletop. The ambient lighting of the space then conceals the luminaire within the structural shape of the space, projecting light onto the ceiling through a combination of LED linear light sources and reflective materials, allowing the area to be filled with light through a diffuse reflection effect.

The use of reflective materials in this scheme increases the efficiency of the light and the use of the spatial structure shape reduces the distance between the light source and the object to be illuminated. It also reduces the loss of light efficiency due to height. High efficiency LED light sources are used throughout the project and the intelligent system controls the current, varying the brightness of the luminaires according to the intensity of the sunlight, thus reducing energy loss.



Refining the corporate culture of Furukawa-Kiyoshi and the spatial culture of G-loop, we have incorporated sharing, circulation and nature into the lighting and shaped a light art installation that communicates visual culture in the heart of the G-loop Plaza concept, the FRRE WORK area.

提炼古良吉吉企业文化和G-loop的空间文化,我们将共享、循环、自然融入灯光,并在G-loop广场概念的核心即FREE WORK区域塑造了一个视觉文化传达的灯光艺术装置。

This ring of light around FRRE WORK not only simulates the sunlight that provides a good lighting environment for the employees, but also intended to be a ring of energy that is being recharged. It represents the energy that has been building up every day since 2013 from the joint creation of all employees, from the customers who support KUNO, and from the people who are getting to know them...

这个环绕FREE WORK一圈的光环,不仅模拟了阳光为员工提供了良好的照明环境,同时意向衍生为一个正在充能的能量环。代表了从2013年开始,古良吉吉每天都在积蓄能量中,这些能量来自所有员工的共同创造,来自支持古良吉吉的顾客,来自正在了解古良吉吉的人...

At the same time energy is a cyclical process, just like the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, the cycle repeats itself and the energy keeps flowing. We chose the color temperature of the sun to create this ever-changing ring of rotation and set it to run and change every hour, hoping to use the visual communication of light to tell every employee that the development of the company cannot be separated from every employee and that all are contributors to this energy.


The end is a new beginning