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Shanghai, CN


As an original Chinese indoor entertainment brand focusing on its high-quality space and super creativity in content , NEOBIO (known as “奈尔宝” in Chinese) will become the landmark for local parents and children each time it is launched in a new city . The current project, located in Zhangjiang Town within Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, the hard -core high-tech cluster in China, reflects in some way the innovative prospects for humanity’s future.


The architectural cuteness of extraterrestrial organisms-like constitutes a heterogeneous contrast against the highly modernized urban context of Zhangjiang and a harmonious complement to it. The dominant color of the brand has been maintained in the facade and neutralized into the earth-toned yellow, which matches the theme of nature. The “Pacifier” symbol along with a series of arc doors and open windows stands out against the gray -scale urban setting and the wraps up the “Homing” that nurtures a new life in a three-dimensional sculpture of “Sunshine punk”.


The chief designer Li Wenqiang was inspired by “Aosua” which means “back mountain” in the southern Fujian dialect. That obscure back mountain in childhood memories has gradually been forgotten with the time passing by. The cascading visual illusion of the entrance resembles a time cave that is mixed up with contrasting light and shadow, through which you will open up a journey for imagination to roam. The silhouette of “mountain” transforms into a shoe changing area with various large and small spatial surfaces and furniture modules. This area uses abstract colors and patterns to depict memories of nature, while the velvet grass installation adds a surreal visual appeal.


The main space is a two-level volume that contains scenes with rich depth and interior furnishings. “Back mountain” is the theme that runs throughout the spatial design. Rainbow, sun, cloud and moon elements are set around the central mountain column. Their colorful, vivid and simple scribbles become concretely real experience, stimulating an affinity for this space. Nature’s palette endows the space with a full color spectrum, while numerous visual elements unite to create a lively holistic scene. It echoes Henri Matisse’s idea of playing music on the canvas by using colors.


The free circulation route connects a series of spaces, and shows the emphasis on users in various aspects. The design adopts a low-saturation and weak-contrast color scheme, and absorbs naturally warm textures. The white light membranes simulate daylight, producing a freely-diffusing and comfortable light environment. 


The impact of light spot has been minimized to the largest degree to decrease the impact of lights and patterns on colors with 4000K high-visibility display lights to create a bright, comfortable and healthy lighting environment.


“Back Mountain” is a product of memory, through the natural environment, guide people and space interesting interaction, and gentle interaction between people and nature. This space-time dislocation intersperses “The consciousness labyrinth”, not only represents the past memory and connects the future. This is a fairy tale written for children and adults, emotional resonance and the imprint of accompanying enough to nurture the seeds of enlightenment, stimulate feelings, and in the future to grow into a forest of life.