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Hangzhou, CN


The appreciation stone "Yee Chino" of the Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai has been known as the Top 3 Peaks in the Regions South of the Yangtze River along with "Guan Yunfeng" in Suzhou and Zhou Yunfeng in Hangzhou. Mr. Wang Shizhen, a litterateur in Ming Dynasty, once wrote an ode to it with such lines as "Towering above thousands of other peaks in the blue sky, the reputation of "Yee Chino" is cannot be compared and surpassed. If you can sleep for three days under the Sanskrit Pavilion, the white rainbow rising from the sky is a must-see for you. The reputation of "Yee Chino" Restaurant in Hangzhou City originates from Taihu Lake Stone. Seemingly, the former has surpassed the latter. "Yee Chino" Restaurant has built an indoor garden to wide acclaim within the industry, which made it renowned for a while. All these benefit from "the favorable climate" and "the support of people". Situated by the west Lake, "Yee Chino" Restaurant covers an area of 1000 square meters featured by water flowing through the little rocks and the shadows of birds in the bamboo forests. As a person who is living in the fast pace of urban life, have you ever wondered whether you can find such a secluded quiet place to have a pot of wine or tea? Perhaps the lines "The great hermit enjoying his solitude in the noisy place and regular folks living in seclusion deep in the wild" are the most appropriate descriptions of YU LINGLONG.

沪上豫园的赏石“玉玲珑”,与苏州冠云峰、杭州绉云峰,并称江南三 大名峰。明代文学家王世贞有诗赞美:“压尽千峰耸碧空,佳名谁并 玉玲珑。梵音阁下眠三日,要看缭天吐白虹。”杭城玉玲珑餐厅得名 于太湖石,又似乎超越了太湖石。玉玲珑于室内造园,一时名盛, 坊间业内皆为人称道,这些都得自“天时”与“人和”。 玉玲珑位于西湖子畔,占地1000平方米,小石流水、竹林鸟影。处 在快节奏的都市是否你也曾想过寻一处僻静之地,饮一壶酒、品一 壶茶?“大隐隐于市,小隐隐于野 ” 用来形容《玉玲珑》或许最为贴切。

"Yee Chino" Restaurant is mainly composed of three parts: the hall, the private rooms, and the bar area. It is surrounded by flowing water, which originates from the lobby and runs through the whole restaurant. The hidden light source at the bottom of the water and the flowing water mist complement each other to have created a smoggy touch matching with the landscape animation played on the home screen, which makes people feel as if they were in the landscape. The theme of "Yee Chino" is the parrot. A large specimen of parrot is placed in the lobby. The designer adopts the expressive technique of snapshot to focus on depicting the outline of the specimen to add up its sense of mystery and fascination.

玉玲珑餐厅主要由大厅、包间、酒吧区三个部分组成。四面环水, 流水贯穿整个餐厅,前厅是流水的起源。流水底部暗藏光源与流动 的水雾相辅相成,营造出烟雾缭绕之感,配合主屏幕播放的山水动 画让人仿佛置身于山水之中。玉玲珑以鹦鹉为主题,前厅摆放一个 大型的鹦鹉标本,设计师运用剪影的表现手法,重点刻画标本的轮 廓,增加神秘感,引人入胜。

Altogether, there are 9 private rooms with 9 themes in Yee Chino Restaurant. The artworks collected by its owners are put in each of the private rooms, the largest of which contains a piece of 3M*16M Calligraphy works. The designer uses 9 long strips of polarized light to evenly illuminate the artwork. Instead of adopting the main lighting illumination ways for the dinner tabletops in the private rooms, we adopt the deep-seated anti-glare spotlights to provide focused illumination, which makes the whole space appear much more refreshing. The targeted display design has been conducted by adopting different luminaires and installation forms under the different display positions, display ways, and prominent features of the artworks in the private rooms. The collection is shown to the guests in an all-round way by the combination of light and shadow. The overall illumination for the private room still gives priority to the ambient light to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere..


The bar area is the most dreamy in Yee Chino Restaurant. In design, the RGB color luminaires are used to increase the variability of the space. Designers have tried their best to ensure the integrity of the ceiling. The table lamps in the dining area are luminaires that can give off light upward and downward to ensure the illumination of the desktop while illuminating the surrounding environment. A high reflective metal mirror is used in the display area of the bar to make the space wider and more dazzling. The line lamps hidden in the wine rack show the transparent feeling of the wine. The exhibition box of the bar is composed of polychrome glass. The bottom of the exhibition box spontaneously emits light, presenting the paintings in silhouette. In addition, the polychrome glass in itself will give people different visual feelings from different angles.